Chrisean Rock Net Worth, Sister and New Tattoo

Chrisean Rock Net Worth

Growing up with a mother battling drug addiction and a father frequently in prison, Chrisean turned to sports for stability. She excelled in track and field during her high school and college years.
Struggling in her youth with a mother who battled a drug addiction and a father who was in and out of prison, Chrisean found her place in sports. Track and Field specifically in high school and college.

Chrisean Eugenia Malone, known as Chrisean Rock, is an American rapper, reality TV personality, and women’s football player. She is best known for starring in Zeus Network’s “Baddies” and “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy In Love”. Malone gained fame through her energetic rap performances and viral online content. Chrisean Rock net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. This wealth comes from her successful music career, brand endorsements, and lucrative social media deals. Chrisean’s ability to engage with her audience and create popular content has significantly boosted her financial success.

Chrisean Rock Sister

Hailing from a very large family with 11 siblings, Chrisean remains especially close to one: Latifa Tesehki Malone, who has joined her on reality TV shows.
Coming from an extremely large family with 11 other siblings, Chrisean still stays close to one in particular. Latifa Tesehki Malone has appeared alongside her sister in reality television.

Latifa “Tesehki” Malone, born in 1993 is seven years older than her younger sister Chrisean. She hails from Baltimore, Maryland, and is an original cast member of Baddies East. Latifa first appeared on Baddies East Auditions, clashing with judge Natalie Nunn. Tesehki also made a brief appearance on Zeus Network’s “Crazy in Love”, where she had an altercation with Chrisean. Latifah is currently working on her music career as an R&B artist and focuses on her social media.

Chrisean Rock New Tattoo

In a 2024 Instagram video, Chrisean Rock showcases what looks like a fresh Blueface tattoo. She currently has seven tattoos dedicated to Blueface, sparking curiosity about how many are genuine.
In a video posted to Chrisean Rock’s Instagram in 2024, she reveals what seems to be a new tattoo of Blueface. The rapper has a total of seven Blueface tattoos, though many wonder how many are real.

Chrisean Rock revealed a new tattoo featuring her on-and-off boyfriend, Blueface, which many doubted was real. However, the Lakimii Tattoo Shop in West Hollywood confirmed it was authentic. Despite their usual policy against face tattoos, they made an exception for Chrisean. The intricate design took about four hours to complete. Shop owner Timo, who has tattooed Chrisean before, didn’t disclose if they charged her. Signs like open pores and a shaved area around the tattoo indicate it’s genuine. Despite skepticism, it seems Chrisean recommitted to Blueface, who is currently jailed for a probation violation in L.A.

Chrisean Rock Height

Despite Blueface's impressive height of 6'4", you might expect him to completely overshadow Chrisean Rock. Although Chrisean is relatively tall for a woman, she is still 10 inches shorter than her intermittently on-again, off-again boyfriend.
Considering Blueface’s height at a whopping 6’4″ you’d think he’d be towering over Chrisean Rock. Chrisean is actually quite tall for a woman but still stands 10 inches below her on again off again boyfriend.

In comparison to the average height of an American woman (5’4″), Chrisean Rock height is slightly taller at 5’6″. Which has been an advantage to her current hobby as a football player. Upon Blueface’s incarceration, Chrisean Rock has been staying out of the spotlight and focusing on positive changes. Recently, she announced her decision to quit smoking and drinking, dedicating herself to full-time workouts with the aim of joining the Cali War Womens Football Alliance. Her drills have shown impressive precision. Despite recent legal issues and fan skepticism, Chrisean appears committed to improving herself and embracing motherhood.

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