Chris Cuomo Net Worth, News, Height and Twitter

Chris and his wife Cristina have been married since 2001. The two met in 1998 during an art opening.
Cristina Greeven, a magazine editor, with husband Chris Cuomo. Chris Cuomos net worth’ is considerable enough for them to have a home in Manhattan where the two reside, and a home in Southampton.

Chris Cuomo Net Worth

Christopher Cuomo was born in Queens, New York to former governor of New York Mario Cuomo and Matilda Cuomo. His older brother Andrew was also the governor of New York but resigned in 2021 due to sexual harassment allegations. Chris Cuomos net worth is reported to be $12 million. His salary when he worked at CNN was $6 million before he was fired in December of 2021. Cuomo was ousted from CNN for using his media resources to aid his brother after reports of the harassment had surfaced.

Chris Cuomo with then governor of New York Andrew Cuomo smiling at an event before both lost their careers.
Photo of the former New York Governer Andrew Cuomo with his younger brother Chris Cuomo. Chris Cuomo News surfaces after he hits CNN with multi-million arbitration demand.

Chris Cuomo News

After being terminated from CNN, the former presenter of Cuomo Prime Time filed a $125 million arbitration against them. He has accused them of using him as a scapegoat and demands they pay for the professional and personal damages done to him and his career. The amount Chris seeks includes wages lost from his contract with CNN. Also for any future position he would of otherwise acquired, had his reputation not been tainted by them. Chris Cuomo has stated that the major news network not only knew about him aiding his brother but helped him in doing so.

Chris Cuomo with Jeff Zucker during the Fielding Dreams Gala in 2014. The two have been long time friends since he was hired to work at CNN.
Jeff Zucker poses for photo with Chris Cuomo at the Fielding Dreams Gala in 2014. You can see a great difference in height between the two. Chris Cuomos height reaches above average for the standard American male.

Chris Cuomo Height

The former TV Journalist was born on August 9, 1970. As of April, 2022 Chris is 51 years old. Chris Cuomos height is 6’2″ which is above average for an American male. He has Italian roots on both sides of his parents family. An incident at a bar where a heckler called him ‘Fredo’ from ‘The Godfather’ lead to Cuomo threatening to throw the man down a flight of stairs. He stated calling an Italian man Fredo is the same as using the n-word in an insulting way. Chris has 3 children with wife Cristina, Bella, Carolina and Mario who is named after his late father and former New York governor.

Photo taken around Memorial Day weekend of Chris Cuomo holding a very large bass with his son Mario.
Photo from Chris Cuomos Twitter account that he posted fishing with his son Mario on May 25, 2014. In the title of the post it reads ‘Biggest bass to date for me and Mario! #memorialday‘.

Chris Cuomo Twitter

Chris Cuomos Twitter posts are primarily political and favor the democratic party. He did address his leave from CNN and gave his thanks and appreciation to his team at Cuomo Prime Time. Now and then you’ll find posts of his family or retweets of funny or inspirational videos. Christophers Twitter handle is @ChrisCuomo and he has 2.1 million followers.

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