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Chase Stokes Height

Beyond his acting pursuits, Chase finds joy in poetry and music. Raised in Florida, he was fortunate to have access to the ocean, where he indulged in surfing and boating as cherished pastimes.
Outside of acting, Chase enjoys poetry and music. He grew up in Florida and always had access to the ocean where he also spent his time surfing and boating.

Chase Stokes is an American actor born on September 16, 1992, in Annapolis, Maryland. Raised in South Florida, Stokes initially pursued a career in sports. He once revealed in an interview that he was drafted by the Waterloo Blackhawks, the United States Hockey League. After sustaining 8 concussions he decided to take a different career route. Standing at 6’1″, Chase Stokes height and good looks landed him multiple modeling jobs before acting. It was his passion for storytelling led him to explore acting, and he made his television debut in 2014. Stokes gained widespread recognition for his role as John B. in the hit Netflix series “Outer Banks,” where he captivated audiences with his charismatic performance.

Chase Stokes Movies and TV Shows

The chemistry among Chase and his fellow castmates in "OBX" is unparalleled. Their camaraderie swiftly evolved into a familial bond, and they frequently spend time together outside of their work, resembling more of a close-knit family than merely colleagues.
The chemistry between Chase and his other castmates in OBX is unmatched. Their friendship quickly turned into more of a family like bond and they hang together often outside of their work.

Stokes made his television debut in 2015 with a guest role in the series “Base,” followed by appearances in “One Of Us Is Lying” and “Tell Me Your Secrets.” In 2014 he played Captain Charles Whitaker in the short film ‘Lost Island’. Many are unaware that he also played alongside Madelyn very briefly in an episode of ‘Stranger Things‘. However, it was his breakthrough role as John B. in the Netflix teen drama series “Outer Banks” that catapulted him to fame. Stokes received widespread acclaim for his portrayal of the charismatic leader of a group of friends on a quest for adventure and treasure. The success of “Outer Banks” led to Stokes becoming a household name and garnered him a dedicated fan base. Outside of his television work, Stokes has also appeared in movies such as “Between Waves” and “Dr. Bird’s Advice for Sad Poets,” showcasing his range as an actor.

Chase Stokes Hockey

In 2023, Stokes took to social media to share a collection of photos, including one where he's seen gazing at the Stanley Cup. In the caption accompanying the post, he humorously exclaimed, "It's Tuesday, and the Stanley Cup showed up at my doorstep. WTF?"
Stokes shares a series of photos to social media in 2023, one of which is him looking at the Stanley Cup. In the caption he wrote “it’s Tuesday and the Stanley Cup came to my house. wtf”.

Before deciding on acting as a career, Chase Stokes aspired to be a professional hockey player. Stokes was drafted by the Waterloo Blackhawks with the intention of playing and then going pro. He confessed after sustaining many injuries, including several concussions, that he was apprehensive to continue down that path. On an episode of ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’, Chase joked that he ‘liked falling on his face a lot’ while practicing hockey at a young age and never gave up. His stepfather who grew up in Minnesota and practically raised him introduced him to the sport.

Chase Stokes Net Worth

Chase Stokes serves as both a model and ambassador for American Eagle. In addition to his acting career, he shares sponsored content on his Instagram account, which boasts a substantial following of 8 million users.
Chase Stokes is a model and ambassador for American Eagle. Along with acting he also posts ads on his Instagram (which has a large following of 8 million).

The role of John B Rutledge came at the perfect time for Chase Stokes. Just before auditioning for the character Chase was down to pennies and even had to live out of his car for 2 months. Nowadays Stokes is doing well for himself. Dating popular country music singer/songwriter Kelsea Ballerini and set to star in the upcoming fantasy film ‘The Uglies’ alongside Joey King, Chases talents set his life in a different direction. As of 2024 Chase Stokes net worth is around $1 million.

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