Bella Poarch Net Worth, Height, Military and Tattoo

Bella Poarch net work soars after her release of first song 'Build a Bitch, and becoming Savage X Fenty model.
Poarch is living the high life since becoming a TikTok sensation. Bella Poarch net worth is in the millions since releasing her first single ‘Build a Bitch’ and posting music videos to her Youtube channel.

Bella Poarch Net Worth

Bella Poarch is a TikTok star who created the most liked video on the platform. Her ‘M to the B’ lip syncing video generated over 55 million likes and led to over 80 million followers. She is the third most followed TikTok user to date. Poarch has since become a singer, signing with Warner Records and she released her first song ‘Build a Bitch’ that reflects on her difficult childhood. As of 2022, Bella Poarch has a net worth of $2.5 million which she has earned from her social media accounts, singing and modeling.

Bella Poarch documents her 'rising sun' tattoo covering with Sung Song after backlash from followers
Bella Poarch posts a photo to her Instagram of her and Sung Song, owner of a tattoo shop in LA. Poarch’s first session in the process of covering her offensive ‘Rising Sun’ tattoo.

Bella Poarch Tattoo

Bella is no stranger to controversy since her rise to fame. She has been criticized for many things, but perhaps the most prominent is the tattoo she got on her arm of the ‘rising sun’ flag. The image has been known to be offensive to South Koreans, as it is seen as a symbol of Japanese Imperialism. Poarch apologized vehemently, and had it covered while taking videos and photos for her followers.

Bella Poarch snaps photo of new tattoo for her followers on instagram and took a video for TikTok showing she is covering up her offensive ink
Poarch had Sung Song of Unbreakable Tattoo in downtown Los Angeles cover her ink with a two headed snake. Bella Poarchs ‘rising sun’ tattoo symbolized Japanese war crimes and deeply offended her Korean followers.

Bella Poarch Height

How tall is Bella Poarch? According to the internet she ranges from 5’0″ to 5’7″. But Bella herself has set the record straight on Twitter that she is 4’11.5″. The Filipino social media star then commented on her post saying “So it’s safe to say, I’m 5 ft tall”. Believe it or not, the 4’11.5″ height is actually taller than the average height of a Filipino woman, which is around 4’10”.

Bella Poarch and cousin/youtube star Bretman Rock snap photo together after getting coffee
Bella Poarch with her cousin Bretman Rock, a beauty influencer and makeup artist who lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. The two have a tye-dying video together on Youtube that has over 6 million views.

Bella Poarch Military

Many people don’t know that Bella Poarch served in the U.S. Navy for four years. She enlisted in 2015 and was stationed in Japan where she fell in love with their culture. Bella’s adoptive father also served in the military where he met her adoptive mother who is also Filipino. Poarch claimed to be abused verbally and physically as a child and she joined the Navy to be ‘free’.

After Bella Poarch served in the Military, she created her TikTok account in January of 2020. At first, she mainly posted cosplay and gaming videos. It wasn’t until August of that same year that she would post “her most liked video”, which is just a zoomed-in shot of her mouthing some words and making faces.

Bella casually sits with a stuffed snoopy wearing her military hat
Bella Poarch in the Military gets a photo snapped of her with a furry friend wearing her hat. Bella served 4 years in the military stationed in Pearl Harbor, Japan and Hawaii. She loved learning about the Asian culture while there.

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