Alexa Demie Height, Boyfriend and Before Surgery

Alexa Demie Height

Alexa Demie, Hunter Schafer and Zendaya at the 2019 Instyle Awards. Hunter and Zendaya are both listed as 5’10” and you can see Alexa Demie height difference between the two that it is significantly shorter.

Demie is an actress best known for her role on Euphoria with Zendaya as the character Maddy Perez. She is also a singer and has appeared in several of boyfriend Christian Berishajs’ music videos. Berishaj goes by the name JMSN professionally. Alexa was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up next to meth addicts and dealers. She recalls her upbringing to be turbulent with a lot of fighting and unstable parental figures. Because she considered herself a loner in high school, frequently being bullied, she took an interest in performing arts. It was discovered recently that the ‘Euphoria’ actress had bee lying about her age. Born on December 11, 1990 she is currently 32 years old but had stated she was in fact 6 years younger than that. Alexa Demie height is 5’1″, making her three inches shorter than the average woman.

Alexa Demie Boyfriend

Unless you are watching one of the few music videos Alexa Demie stars in, like LMSNs ‘Love 2 U’, you won’t see many photos of Alexa with her boyfriend.

As it goes with many celebrities Alexa Demie likes to keep her personal life as just that, personal. Because of the natural chemistry between Demie and her on-screen boyfriend in Euphoria Jacob Elordi, many thought the two were dating. However, since 2017 she has been dating JMSN singer-songwriter Christian Berishaj. As much as they try to keep their relationship confidential, they haven’t’ completely avoided the paparazzi. You won’t find any photos of Alexa Demie on his Instagram and you won’t find him on hers either. Christian uses his social media platforms strictly to draw in fans of his music. The two of them can be seen together in four of JMSN’s music videos.

Alexa Demie Before Surgery

Alexa Demie has known the Kardashians for quite some time. Both Alexa and Kim are Balenciaga Ambassadors. In this throwback photo it seems Demie’s lips may be a little thinner than currently are, however makeup can also make a world of difference.

There were rumors that surfaced when people began noticing that Alexa Demie’s appearance seemed to change. Though there weren’t any significant differences, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Demie had lip implants. Around the same time, in 2020, Alexa became the face of MAC’s ‘More Than Meets the Eye’ collection. Demie very well could have augmented her lips, or perhaps her new makeup look, promoting MAC, causes them to appear more full. Either way, Alexa Demie before surgery looked beautiful and the change is so slight it’s hard to truly know. She has however not denied the rumors.

Alexa Demi Mid90’s

Alexa Demie in Jonah Hill’s Mid90’s film, with Sunny Suljic. In true 90’s fashion Demie’s character is wearing a striped cropped tank and sports two hair clips holding back her bangs.

Demie first appeared on-screen in Brigsby Bear in 2017. She had a small role in the comedy-drama, playing Merideth alongside Kyle Mooney and Claire Danes. In 2018 Alexa played Estee in Mid90’s, a coming-of-age film that was directed and written by Jonah Hill. The movie centers around a kid named Stevie who is an eleven year old that lives in a troubled home in the 1990’s. He meets an older group of skateboarders that he begins to hang around. In one of the scenes, Stevie attends a party with his new high school friends. There, he meets a girl (Alexa Demie’s character Estee), and the two enter a bedroom engaging in things that are uncomfortable to watch, given Stevie is probably 13 and Estee is at least 16. Because the film was highly acclaimed, the scene put Alexa out there and no doubt helped her land her role on Euphoria.

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